Tuesday, February 21, 2017

PIX 2017 Special Guest Announcement: Dan Zettwoch

PIX is pleased to announce Dan Zettwoch as a Special Guest at PIX 2017!  Zettwoch is one of the undisputed masters of hand-crafted comics making.  Working out of St. Louis, MO since shortly before the turn of the century – and often in cahoots with (then) fellow St. Louisans, Kevin Huizenga and Ted May, together with whom he co-founded the early online mini-comics outpost usscatastrophe.com –  Zettwoch is widely heralded for his unique layouts and cut-away comics diagramming.  He is the author of the graphic novel Birdseye Bristoe and his work has appeared in Kramers Ergot, Drawn & Quarterly Showcase and numerous other anthologies.  His collaboration with Mssrs. Huizenga and May,  Amazing Facts… and Beyond!, ran for several years in the St. Louis Riverfront Times, was published in a series of five self-published issues, and then was finally collected in a hardcover volume.  Zettwoch is a widely published illustrator and and has also produced a substantial variety of hand-screened prints and posters (as well as painted at least one mural). His signature works are the hand-crafted comics that he has been slowly but steadily producing for over the last fifteen years.  Employing screen printing, special and unusual papers, fold-outs and more, comics like Ironclad, Tel-Tales, and his signature Redbird series each make for a unique, multi-layered reading experience. 

Take a moment to get acquainted with Dan's work at Zettwoch.com, where there's tons to look at and plenty of comics to read.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Cynthia Lee to Exhibit at PIX 2017

Cynthia Lee (The Green Stripe, Love and Monsters Anthology, Overgrowth and Underbrush, Memoirs of the Mysterious) - Cynthia Lee writes and draws stories about empathy, communication, and monsters. She was the editor of the Love and Monsters music and comic anthology, a 2016 S.P.A.C.E. finalist for best graphic novel. 

She is constantly worried about whether or not people have enough to eat, so if you're hungry, she will probably have snacks on her person. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Howard Bender to Exhibit at PIX 2017

Howard Bender, a professional comic book illustrator and caricaturist. Has worked for Marvel, DC, Disney, Harvey, Archie and Heroic drawing characters and titles that include Superman, Spider-Man, The Legion of Super-Heroes, Dial “H’” for Hero, Silverhawks, Flare, Ghostbusters, Micronauts, Casper, Richie Rich and many others. Co-created and drew his own original characters and titles Mr. Fixitt, and “The Sherlock Holmes Minute Mysteries” and his own strip Billy & Pop. Plus, for the past thirty some years has been busy turning ordinary people into their own super-heroes doing caricature parties and caricature and portrait commissions for all kind of events and individuals and of course Comic Book Shows & Conventions.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Vince Dorse to Exhibit at PIX 2017

Vince Dorse is an illustrator, cartoonist, and the creator of the award-winning comic, Untold Tales of Bigfoot. He lives and works in Pennsylvania.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot:

Story: Scout’s a carefree dog from the suburbs whose terrible hunting and tracking skills are no help whatsoever when he gets lost in the woods on a family camping trip. Alone, hungry, and far from home, Scout has to find his way back. But lurking in the forest is a mysterious beast known as Bigfoot, and he has other plans.

He may be terrifying, but Bigfoot’s also lonesome. Making friends is difficult when you’re an eight-foot monster, so he’d like Scout to stick around. The mismatched pair may be working at cross-purposes, but they team up to survive trigger-happy poachers, deadly terrain, and ferocious wildlife. And they may even solve a decades-old mystery before their journey comes to an end.

Nominated to Short List for Best Webcomic of 2012, Slate Book Review & The Center for Cartoon Studies

Reuben Winner, Best Online Comic (Long-Form) 2012,  National Cartoonists Society

Nominated, Best Online Comic (Long-Form) 2014,  National Cartoonists Society

Monday, February 13, 2017

Kurt Ankeny to Exhibit at PIX 2017

Kurt Ankeny is an award-winning cartoonist and painter whose work has appeared at the Society of Illustrators, at the Cape Ann Museum, and in Comics Workbook. He lives with his wife and son in Salem, Massachusetts.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Shay Park to Exhibit at PIX 2017

Shay Park (Hussy) - Shay Park writes and draws about her experiences with her sexuality, body, childhood, and self-image. Through biographical artwork, she is able to laugh at, cry because of, process, and ultimately learn from her past mistakes, heartbreaks, trauma, and growing pains.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Laura Salgarolo to Exhibit at PIX 2017

Laura Salgarolo (The Fisher Queen; This Tale is a Lie) - Laura Salgarolo is a creator and collector of stories, pictures, words, and the in-between things. Her work explores fairytales and fantasy, with an interest in their history, transformations, and subversions, as well as the conversation between words and images. Through her illustrations, books, prints, and sculptures, Laura asks questions through narrative.