Thursday, February 4, 2016

O'Ryan McGowan-Arrowroot to Exhibit at PIX 216

O'Ryan McGowan-Arrowroot (Herk, Saving Annie's Mountain, Max and the Tiger, Down and Out, O'Frost, 10 Reason I Sit Down to Pee) - O'Ryan is a circus performer, illustrator, dad, and all around nice guy. He has been making comics for most of his life and showing them to people for the last 6 years.
He has recently taken a vested interest in illustrating children's picture books, especially ones written by children. "Saving Annie's Mountain" was written by a group of students in West Virginia, and came out last year through Cold Run Books. "Max and the Tiger" was written by his 3 year old son, and was self published in December.
O'Ryan lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his partner, son, two cats, and one cat from down the street who sneaks into the house at night.
check him out:

Monday, February 1, 2016

Shawn Atkins to Exhibit at PIX 2016

Shawn Atkins (Gello Apocalypse, Thunder Girl, Time Log) - Maker of comics, voices of podcasts and grand poobah of the mystic dark arts. he explores the 9th dimension with his muppet friend Ortho the Otter to kill varmints and arthropods to wear them for hats and drink in their death. You can follow the true exploits on Gello Apocalypse and his portfolio site.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Iona Fox to Exhibit at PIX 2016

Iona Fox (Almanac, Irene, MY PACE Anthology, Girltalk, Song Poems) - Iona Fox is a cartoonist and farmer living in Vermont. She is the author of Almanac, a comics annual, as well as co-editor at Rod & Cone Press.

Rod & Cone will be debuting GIRLTALK at PIX this year, which is a collection of short fiction stories by 5 different authors. GIRLTALK is inspired by the real-life ritual of emotional telephone commonly referred to by the same name. Each participating author shared their diary, and the resulting stories were in turn inspired by another's diary entries.

Rod & Cone also publishes a biannual comics anthology. + +

Monday, January 25, 2016

Colin Panetta to Exhibit at PIX 2016

Colin Panetta (Welcome to Typhon, Logjam, Q&A, Dead Man Holiday) - Colin Panetta is a comic book artist living in Baltimore, MD. He was born on a pillowy cloud of cotton candy, the perfect son of Phyllis Diller and The Jersey Devil. He sneezes money, and farts dreams.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Nate Dray to Exhibit at PIX 2016

Nate Dray (Epic Earth, Epic Earth Comics) - Nate Dray is a cartoonist, illustrator—and founder of the small press Diluvian Enterprises based in Kent, Ohio. He used to be a microbiologist. Sometimes he pretends that he is Ozzy Osbourne. He has a wife and some pets—Sarah, Timmy, Putin and Frodo. Also Nate likes things. And he is nice.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jeremy Baum to Exhibit at PIX 2016

Jeremy Baum (Dörfler, Heathen, Memory, Extravagant Traveler, Postland) - A cartoonist of the surreal and erotic, his brother was eaten by wolves one winter on the Connecticut Turnpike.

His latest graphic novel, Dörfler, is published by Fantagraphics.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Scott Hedlund to Exhibit at PIX 2016

Scott Hedlund (In No Way Memorable, Chaos Punks, Weirdlings) - Scott Hedlund is an illustrator and comic book creator from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Scott has contributed pencils, inks, colors, covers, and letters to comic book projects including:

– Cover art for Puppet Master #1 NDC exclusive edition
– In No Way Memorable
– Weirdlings
– Fairhaven
– Chaos Punks
– Super Haters
– Cover art for WZWA Issues 2&4
– Pack of Lies
– World of Orenda

Scott is also the co-host of the Comic Book Pitt Podcast, Pittsburgh’s premiere comic book review podcast.

Stop by Scott’s artist alley table for original comics, commissions, prints, and comic talk! ( or visit