Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Brandon Berry to Exhibit at PIX 2017

Brandon Berry (Supercar, Daucus Carota #1-3) - Brandon Berry received a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art in 2015 at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Most of this time he spent drawing and animating but always found time to create mini comics. 

His work is heavily influenced by science fiction and fantasy, addressing themes of transformation and identity.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Reilly Hadden to Exhibit at PIX 2017

Reilly Hadden (ASTRAL BIRTH CANAL) - Reilly Hadden is a co-founder of BLANK PARTY and the creator of the ongoing cosmic adventure, ASTRAL BIRTH CANAL. This project has taken the form of a quarterly anthology, a webcomic, and 8 extra mini-comics per year, all funded through patreon. He lives in Brooklyn as a stay-at-home dad.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

PIX 2017 Special Guest Announcement: Anya Davidson

PIX is pleased to announce Anya Davidson as a special guest at PIX 2017.  Anya brings a unique wealth of experience along with a diverse background and skill set to her comics making practice.  A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, an experienced print-maker, and a veteran of six years performing with the Chicago-based band, The Coughs, she has been regularly publishing small batch, hand printed comics and zines for over a decade.  Her work often pairs the work-a-day world with the world of fantasy (especially science fiction), in the process blending quotidian personal concerns together with tropes of fantastic literature.  The result is a novel hybrid form of comics, but one which despite – or perhaps because of – its innovation remains firmly grounded in an essential humanism.  Her most widely distributed works are the hardcovers, School Spirits (PictureBox; 2013) and Band for Life (Fantagraphics; 2016).  Each of these collects a series of short pieces to reveal an inner organic unity that enables the works to double as graphic novels.  Her most recent release is Lovers in the Garden, a full color, one-shot, comic book from Retrofit/BigPlanet that takes readers back to 1970s NYC for a “ B-movie” romp featuring love & drugs, dealers & dopes and cops & robbers.  

Check out her work on her Tumblr and get a sense of where she’s coming from in this recent interview with Dan Nadel on TCJ.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

H.O.T. Press Comics to Exhibit at PIX 2017

H.O.T. Press Comics (Heel on the Shovel: Book 1 & Bee-Man) H.O.T. Press Comics is a Philadelphia based writer-drawer comic team. Michael Kamison and Steven Arnold combine their love of punk history, noir films, body horror and philosophy into their tragicomic work. In 2016 they released "Heel on the Shovel: Book 1" and "Bee-Man #1: The Death of Bee-Man" and are currently working on their 2017 releases "Heel on the Shovel: Book 2" and "Swamp Parade" - a collection of short comics and prose.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Radio Chio to Exhibit at PIX 2017

Radio Chio (Messenger, Follower) - Radio Chio is the name for the collaborative works of artist Bugbyte and writer Delade, a husband and wife team of creative individuals based in Buffalo, New York. After realizing their individual talents for writing and illustration, they decided to collaborate to create Follower, a pre-apocalyptic webcomic about a military science experiment in a future gone wrong. They also work together on Messenger, a post-apocalyptic story taking place in the same universe.

Their comics can be read for free online, and are also available for download from Comixology, and Gumroad. Bugbyte's work has also been included in several zines and anthologies, such as Blank Party!, Stardust & Candy, and Gamera vs Zine-ra.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Peregrine Angthius to Exhibit at PIX 2017

Peregrine Angthius (Cuentitos: A Collection of Shorts, Thank You For Nothing, XXX: A Collection of Nudes, Sketchbooks 1&2, more TBA)  Peregrine was born near the end of the eighties to a pair of weirdos who decided to move to the woods; she is the eldest of three witches. She currently resides in Chicago with her animal friends. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with an illustration focus from Kendall College of Art and Design in 2011. www.peregrineangthius.com, Instagram@peregrine_angthius

Saturday, December 31, 2016

80 Proof Comix to Exhibit at PIX 2017

80 Proof Comix (80 Proof comix presents Days of Bewilderment) - 80 Proof Comix has been around since the late 80's in various forms. In 2007 it began a true storyline (Days of Bewilderment) featuring past characters put in a new situation. Taking bits, pieces, fragments, and experiences from working in the DD/Mental Health group home setting, I've worked on creating a comedic realistic look at the staff that work at these homes and some of the situations they face (without getting on a soap-box). Currently working on Chapter 10(the last chapter in the saga),Chapters 1-9 are collected in affordable editions.