Friday, February 27, 2015

Marlee Gallagher & Greg Sciulli to Exhibit at PIX 2015

Marlee Gallagher & Greg Sciulli (Hamnett House Histories: a series of sketches; Gregburgh prints)Marlee Gallagher is a writer and community advocate living in Wilkinsburg, PA, a small town just east of the City of Pittsburgh. She has four loves: her dogs, Oto and Woo, her cat, Leroy, and her neighborhood.

Greg Sciulli is a photographer and visual artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. His work consists of creating funny cartoon characters and taking funny photos of real characters. He has one love: '90s pop music.

Marlee and Greg's current project, Hamnett House Histories, combines sketches of historic homes and characters in their community.

In their words: "When we look at the historic houses in our community, we’re inspired by their intricacies. It’s hard not to create stories about the antebellum house with the widow’s peak that sits far back from the road or the weathered little shack where, though windowless, tattered drapes still hang.

Through Hamnett House Histories, we pair some of our favorite houses with fictional sketches of the characters that reside within them, whether in the past or present. Some houses have been long-abandoned, awaiting demolition; others are passed down through generations. Still others are part of our own personal narratives or simply places we wonder about as we pass them each day. All of them have histories."