Monday, March 23, 2015

M.L. Walker to Exhibit at PIX 2015

M.L.Walker (Hero Corp., International; CHUTZ-POW! Superheroes of the Holocaust; COMIC-TANIUM!) -  Marcel Lamont (M.L.) Walker is a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He works as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, comic-book creator, and photographer.

As the creator, artist and writer of the independent comic-book HERO CORP., INTERNATIONAL, he has recast his friends and associates in a world of corporate American superheroes.

He is the lead artist and book designer for CHUTZ-POW! Superheroes of the Holocaust, an anthology comic-book produced by The Holocaust Center of Greater Pittsburgh which tells the true stories of Holocaust survivors. Similarly, Walker is the featured artist in COMIC-TANIUM! The Super Materials of the Superheroes, a nationally touring sciences-and-art exhibit sponsored by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, which juxtaposes real-life modern-day scientists with similarly themed mainstream superhero counterparts.

Walker continues to teach art workshops at Pittsburgh’s ToonSeum, The Museum of Cartoon Art, for whom he has also contributed artwork for their NORTH and OAKLAND anthology comic-books.
Photo by Matt Butkus
Photo by Steve Payne