Thursday, February 4, 2016

O'Ryan McGowan-Arrowroot to Exhibit at PIX 2016

O'Ryan McGowan-Arrowroot (Herk, Saving Annie's Mountain, Max and the Tiger, Down and Out, O'Frost, 10 Reason I Sit Down to Pee) - O'Ryan is a circus performer, illustrator, dad, and all around nice guy. He has been making comics for most of his life and showing them to people for the last 6 years.
He has recently taken a vested interest in illustrating children's picture books, especially ones written by children. "Saving Annie's Mountain" was written by a group of students in West Virginia, and came out last year through Cold Run Books. "Max and the Tiger" was written by his 3 year old son, and was self published in December.
O'Ryan lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his partner, son, two cats, and one cat from down the street who sneaks into the house at night.
check him out: