Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Travis Horseman to Exhibit at PIX 2017

Travis Horseman (Amiculus: A Secret History) - "Travis was born in Springfield, Ohio, and discovered comic books at the age of six. Since then, the course of his life has been shaped by his love of comics, theater and classical history. In addition to being a writer, he has been an actor, a director, a produced playwright, and occasionally, all three at once.  

After writing the first draft of Amiculus: A Secret History as a ten-page play in college, he began adapting it as a comic in 2007, intending it to be a short 32-page project to test the waters for a longer series. Nine years and nearly 200 pages later, it has become an epic unto itself.  

Volume I of the series, ""Roma Aeterna"", debuted in January 2015 and has been hailed by critics as “a yarn of intrigue, betrayal and violence that is quite gripping” (Games Fiends), and compared to Game of Thrones in its tone and execution (Project-Nerd). Volume II of the series, ""Flagellum Dei"", was released in April, 2016. The third and final volume, ""Damnatio Historiae"", will be released in the spring/summer of 2017" www.amiculusrome.com