Monday, January 23, 2017

Incubator Comics Company to Exhibit at PIX 2017

Incubator Comics Company (Hell With the Lid Off (2016), Mr. Lee's Fruity Bing (2016), Heil Silver (2016)) - Local storytellers Isaac Fisher and Alex K.A. have teamed up to co-publish and share their stories to their audiences in Pittsburgh and around the world. 

We are a grassroots company dedicated to hatching the next generation of inspirational stories and jumpstarting the careers of their creators. We produce all forms of media, though these days we focus on character driven comics, cartoon strips, and fiction and translating foreign comics to English. 

At PIX 2017 we plan to feature our new titles for 2017: 

Alex K.A's Cryptic Folktale: The Windmaker's Daughter
Isaac Fisher's Raunchy Comedy: Cock and Block Comics

We will also be selling our classic titles from 2016. 

All of our incubating projects are available to read for free online at