Thursday, January 12, 2017

PIX 2017 Special Guest Announcement: Anya Davidson

PIX is pleased to announce Anya Davidson as a special guest at PIX 2017.  Anya brings a unique wealth of experience along with a diverse background and skill set to her comics making practice.  A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, an experienced print-maker, and a veteran of six years performing with the Chicago-based band, The Coughs, she has been regularly publishing small batch, hand printed comics and zines for over a decade.  Her work often pairs the work-a-day world with the world of fantasy (especially science fiction), in the process blending quotidian personal concerns together with tropes of fantastic literature.  The result is a novel hybrid form of comics, but one which despite – or perhaps because of – its innovation remains firmly grounded in an essential humanism.  Her most widely distributed works are the hardcovers, School Spirits (PictureBox; 2013) and Band for Life (Fantagraphics; 2016).  Each of these collects a series of short pieces to reveal an inner organic unity that enables the works to double as graphic novels.  Her most recent release is Lovers in the Garden, a full color, one-shot, comic book from Retrofit/BigPlanet that takes readers back to 1970s NYC for a “ B-movie” romp featuring love & drugs, dealers & dopes and cops & robbers.  

Check out her work on her Tumblr and get a sense of where she’s coming from in this recent interview with Dan Nadel on TCJ.