Sunday, January 8, 2017

Radio Chio to Exhibit at PIX 2017

Radio Chio (Messenger, Follower) - Radio Chio is the name for the collaborative works of artist Bugbyte and writer Delade, a husband and wife team of creative individuals based in Buffalo, New York. After realizing their individual talents for writing and illustration, they decided to collaborate to create Follower, a pre-apocalyptic webcomic about a military science experiment in a future gone wrong. They also work together on Messenger, a post-apocalyptic story taking place in the same universe.

Their comics can be read for free online, and are also available for download from Comixology, and Gumroad. Bugbyte's work has also been included in several zines and anthologies, such as Blank Party!, Stardust & Candy, and Gamera vs Zine-ra.