Monday, March 13, 2017

PIX 2017 Special Guest Announcement: Jim Rugg!

Jim Rugg is a comics industry legend based here in Pittsburgh, PA.  A tireless technical innovator, Rugg has steadily added to the visual vocabulary of comics, creating new ways to present and contextualize space and time with his game-changing use of Photoshop and over-the-top dynamic layouts.  A long-time professional illustrator and designer, Rugg first gained wide attention for his comics work in 2004 with his original Street Angel series from Slave Labor Graphics.  While Rugg went on to do many high profile jobs for DC, Dark Horse and Image, he is best known for his original, creator-owned work, largely published by AdHouse Books and frequently done in collaboration with writer pal, Brian Maruca, which include the hardcover Street Angel collection, the graphic novel Afrodisiac, his series of Notebook Drawings, and his turbo-charged compendium, Supermag.  Things are now coming full circle in 2017, with the Image Comics release of the first in a series of all-new, original Street Angel stand-alone hardcovers:  Street Angel After School Kung Fu Special.

All things Jim Rugg can be found at  Follow Street Angel online at Webtoons – with weekly updates!  And here’s Jim’s TCJ interview with Kristy Valenti.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  Street Angel After School Kung Fu Special will premiere at PIX 2017!  Only a limited quantity will be available, so please arrive early if you are interested in snagging a copy at the show.