Friday, March 3, 2017

PIX 2017 Special Guest Announcement: Connor Willumsen

PIX is pleased to announce Connor Willumsen as a Special Guest at PIX 2017!  Willumsen is a Canadian comics artist and illustrator currently working out of Montreal.  While his illustrations have appeared in some pretty high profile places – such as Criterion Collection DVDs, just for starters – his comics work is less well known, primarily appreciated by other comics makers and the comics cognoscenti.   As such, however, it has had an outsize influence on the comics community at large.  His best known print comics work is likely his series, Treasure Island, published by Breakdown Press in the UK. He is also a dedicated proponent of straight up drawing, and has recently had two drawing collections published by Comics Workbook here in Pittsburgh.

Anyone unfamiliar with his work should immediately head to  Be sure to check out "Sunset People," it’s a wow!

Then head over to The Comics Journal to read his interview with Brian Nicholson, to get up to speed with the world of Willumsen.