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80 Proof Comix (Days of Bewilderment) - 80 Proof Comix has been around since the late 80's in various forms. In 2007 it began a true storyline (Days of Bewilderment) featuring past characters put in a new situation. Taking bits, pieces, fragments, and experiences from working in the DD/Mental Health group home setting, I've worked on creating a comedic realistic look at the staff that work at these homes and some of the situations they face (without getting on a soap-box). Currently working on Chapter 7, Chapters 1-6 are collected in affordable editions. 80proofcomix.blogspot.com

Asia Bey, Jayla Patton, Mont Tucker (Bxtch Slap, Flight, MECHANIMA)Awesome duo turned trio with a love of comics and art bla bla bla they fight crime in giant robots, they are called... [As yet determined name to fit this epic alliance] whatbxtchslap.tumblr.com, www.jaylapatton.com

Barry Linck (Phineus: Magician for Hire, Creephunter, Bastard Who: The Gentleman's Chronicle, Weirdlings, Gaslight Tales)Barry Linck has been producing and publishing comic books for well over 2 decades. As writer, artist and creator, he has continued to produce his fan favorite ‘Phineus: Magician for Hire’ and ‘Gil: The Walking Dead (or Vampires Suck)’, a monthly comic strip. Barry served as artist on ‘Khozyain Protocol’, and contributed artwork for ‘The Creators’ and ‘Reverie’. Barry collaborated with Brian Babyok on such titles as ‘Pan’, ‘Phineus: The Glamour’, and ‘Dark Time’ An avid fan of role playing games, Barry co-created ‘Backwaters of Mysticism’ with John Burris. Barry did the art chores on the webcomic ‘Weirdlings’ .

Barry continues working on his 24th year of ‘Phineus: Magician for Hire’ , Bastard Who: The Gentleman's Chronicles and Phineus: Teen Wizard as well as ‘Creephunter’ with Mike Wood all while raising a family in Pittsburgh. I hope to some day sell out and have really bad Saturday morning cartoons of my stuff (they still do have Saturday Morning cartoons, yes?). http://olddyingkitty.com/Phinmagic/

Bill Volk (Stranger Knights)Bill Volk is a Pittsburgh native who draws, writes, and edits comics, sometimes not all at once. He has an anthology of genre fiction called Stranger Knights. billvolk.com

Bob Corby (Leaves, Oh,Comics!, Big Ears & Flat Feet, Test!)Bob Corby has been self publishing since 1986 under the Back Porch Comics imprint. Publications include the anthology, Oh,Comics!, two Bunny Blues series (the first consisting of mystery stories and the second a romantic comedy) and Test! ( a comic about math). For more info about Back Porch Comics go to www.backporchcomics.com

He also runs SPACE (Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo). The next show is April 12 &13, 2014. For more info about Back Porch Comics and SPACE go to www.backporchcomics.com

Caitlin Rose Boyle (An Itty Bitty Summoning, Transform!, Too Many Moons) - Caitlin Rose Boyle makes comics, illustrations, tiny video games, & short animations.

She is currently co-developing a short for Nickelodeon’s 2014 Animated Shorts Program! 

Calvert Comics (When The Heart Betrays The Blood, St. Andrew's Cross) - Mat Calvert is a writer/artist quickly establishing a reputation as a unmarketable weirdo. His work is sort of a dialectic contrasting literary art books and lurid sex and violence comics, which is a difficult sell to audiences who tend to favor one or the other.

Mat Calvert perseveres however; the fact that the work isn't popular makes every reader and enthusiast special, and those special readers provide him with more than enough initiative to keep making new work.

Tomorrow belongs to him and his special friends.

Carl Antonowicz (The Black Dog and the Hole at the Heart of the World; Maple Key Comics) - Carl Antonowicz is a CCS graduate recently relocated from the frozen northlands to sunny Pittsburgh. His heart pumps ink through microscopic holes in his fingers, allowing him to trace his black imaginings on white paper. thulsadude.tumblr.com

Casteliacone Stall (Haute Couture Megaten!)We're a simple group of Pokemaniacs who love the arts, anime, and gaming.

Tom: Pokemon is my forte--in fact I create some of my own, known on internet communities as Fakemon. Pokemon as a whole remains my strongest suit, although I love Nintendo in general and will gladly do art for any series!

Sugarfree: I like doing collaboration projects for games that I love, including Pokemon and the Persona Series, and I also like making all kinds of goodies! tomatem13.deviantart.com

Christine Skelly (Mt. Olyphant)Christine Skelly is an illustrator and author self-publishing out of Richmond, Virginia. Much of her work pulls inspiration from mythology and lore. Her main title currently in production is "Mt. Olyphant", a comic series about the Greek gods being reincarnated in a psych ward in order to regain their once-lost power. She has published several smaller short stories including "Felis Leon", about a general who must sacrifice his army to a lion demon, as well as producing zines such as "Modern Mythos", which offers a contemporary take on the values we hold today through the lens of mythology. You can find more of her work and updates at SkellyScribbles.com or her Instagram @SkellyScribbles . SkellyScribbles.com

Colin Panetta (Logjam: The Best Fucking X-Man Ever, Q&A, Dead Man Holiday) - Colin Panetta was born on a pillowy cloud of cotton candy, the perfect son of Phyllis Diller and The Jersey Devil. He sneezes money, and farts dreams. www.colinpanetta.com

COWBOY HOUSE (Helper Bot, Storm Signal, SCREENS, Zookeeper VII, REAL LIFE, Ghost Hunters, & La Dah, Di Dah, Da Da Dee Dah, to name a few)COWBOY HOUSE is a practical joke that has gone much too far, but everyone is too embarrassed to back out now. It is composed of Fred Frances, Jeff Gibbons, and Mike Madsen. They made 12 books for their subscription service, the Cowboy House Correspondence Club, in 2014. Season 3 of the Cowboy House Correspondence Club begins on March 14, 2015. cowboyhouseinternet.com

Curls Studio (Curls, Kid Roxy, Black Magic Tales, The Legettes)Carolyn Belefski creates and publishes original comics and illustrations, including her comic strip Curls. She is artist of the comic books Kid Roxy, Black Magic Tales, The Legettes. Carolyn became a National Cartoonists Society member in 2012, and is currently serving as a Washington, DC chapter board member. With NCS, she started the annual blood drive, Cartoonists Draw Blood, with the American Red Cross. Her freelance illustration and design clients include Boom! Studios (Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time comic), Clorox, National Geographic, and The White House. You can view Carolyn’s work online at www.carolynbelefski.com and follow her on Twitter @CarolynBelefski.

Joe Carabeo is first and foremost a storyteller, but he also happens to be an award-winning, published, and broadcasted, DC area based director, photographer, and writer. Joe writes the comic books Kid Roxy, Black Magic Tales, and The Legettes. Joe has worked with NASA, U2’s BONO, Under Armor, The Beach Boys, Intel , “Olympic Gold Medalist” Lindsey Vonn, The National Guard, Girl Talk, Disney/ABC, and more. Through Joe's multimedia company Astray Productions, he produces films, commercials, and photography – all under the umbrella of character driven storytelling. Joe aims to inspire, to take you on journey, to bring things to the next level, but above all, he wants to let the world know that nothing is impossible. View his work at www.astrayproductions.com.

Cynthia Lee (Love and Monsters Anthology, The Green Stripe, King Pellinore and the Questing Beast, Monster ABCs)I'm a comix artist and illustrator who lives in Pittsburgh, PA. I like to draw monsters, merfolk, and googly eye creatures. My stories tend to explore communication (or lack of), love, and loss. I like to write quiet moments, like in a museum after hours or in an isolated part of the woods.

In addition to illustrating, I also teach workshops on shrink plastic pieces, bookbinding, stopmotion, and comic books. I love learning new mediums and teaching peeps how to use tools and materials. juniperfloor.tumblr.com greenonioncomix.com

Daniel Wyke (Some Things Don't Work Out, Antiques)Daniel Wyke lives and draws in the city of Pittsburgh. He's self-published some mini-comics about robots and feelings, and sometimes he even posts these comics on the internet. wykery.com

Dave Wachter (The Guns of Shadow Valley, Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem, Night of 1,000 Wolves, Godzilla, That Hellbound Train, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) - Dave Wachter is the artist, co-creator and co-writer of the Eisner and Harvey Award nominated webcomic The Guns of Shadow Valley, published in collected hardcover form by Dark Horse Comics. For publisher IDW, Dave has done art for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, True Blood, That Hellbound Train, Night of 1,000 Wolves, and Godzilla: Cataclysm. He collaborated with Steve Niles on the acclaimed miniseries Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem for Dark Horse. In 2012, Dave was nominated for the Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award. He currently resides in Pittsburgh with the feline god of destruction, Ollie. http://davedrawscomics.com

D.J. Coffman & Ally Monroe (The God Child) - D.J. and Ally make up the creative team behind the upcoming “God Child” graphic novel from Caliber Comics. D.J. is a small press veteran who began his comic career self publishing mini comics and graphic novels in the Pittsburgh area. Since teaming up, Coffman & Monroe have not only been working on God Child together but also spend the rest of their free time creating side projects and loving sequential art. flammable-solid.com

Dre Grigoropol (Dee's Dream, Lupa Cachula's Life, Don't Mayo Hate)Dre Grigoropol is an active cartoonist and author based in Philadelphia who has been self-publishing comics and zines for the past few years. Her work has appeared in anthologies issued from all over the US and and she runs an ongoing web comic about an indie rock band at Deesdream.net. Dre enjoys art journalism and has contributed to a handful of well known publications. As of the beginning of 2014 she started a comics, illustration, and cartoon art appreciation website and podcast called Comixgab.com. To see the work she creates, check out Dretime.net. www.dretime.net

Garrett Free (Arcadian Knights) - Garrett Free is a comic book writer from Pittsburgh, PA. He attended Penn State majoring in Software Engineering. He learned from a young age by attending art school at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, PA. After reading the Watchmen, Garrett began pursuing writing comic books as a new creative output. He finds that his biggest influences in his writing come from his own past experiences and music, but he also draws a lot of influence from old movies and video games. www.facebook.com/ArcadianKnightsComic

Geoff Munn (Kiosk: Life In Neutral, S is for Ska, The Karloff Arms) - Geoff Munn is a Pittsburgh based Cartoonist/Animator. He creates the online comics Kiosk: Life In Neutral, #parenting, and Interstellar Squad. When not freelancing and creating comics, he's an avid toy collector, husband, and father of two. www.kioskcomic.com www.hashtagparenting.tumblr.com www.interstellarsquad.tumblr.com

Giant Tom CreationsMy name is Greg Burnett. I'm 28 years old, and I live in Pittsburgh. Though I've been many things in recent years (college student, manager, blackjack dealer, etc.), I've always considered myself a maker of things in my spare time. A creator at heart - whether it's a tinfoil ashtray or a comic strip. It brings me great joy to create things plucked from my own imagination. My cartoons and images are an amalgamation of doodles and thoughts that I've been able to manipulate and put to paper. A pure expression. A unique view of the inside of my mind. www.facebook.com/GiantTomCreations

Greg "El Grego" Garay (Jack B: Ride the Air) -  I'm an artist, illustrator, a storyteller and a problem solver.

Think of “a roller derby in the sky”. Jack and the WeFlyHi crew set out to take the new sport of Skyriding to impossible heights. Skyriding was created when some young, bright kids “borrowed” an advanced Air Filtration Unit and reconfigured it into rocket boots. With the sky at their finger tips they fly into skybattles for respect, to push tech, and to break past their limits.

Jack B: Ride the Air comes from a place deep in my soul. As a youngish black man, I grew up not understanding my talents and abilities for what they were. Jack B: Ride the Air puts on display the power of youth when you harness it through competition, drive, determination, and hope. They create amazing feats through ingenious ideas and rapid fire instincts. That’s all you need to change the world. www.weflyhi.com

Jade F LeeJade is a cartoonist, illustrator, and educator from the DC metro area. She has debuted her self-published comics such as "Lacrimancer" and "Weapon Girls" at Small Press Expo in previous years, and also exhibited at Otakon, Smudge Expo, Katsucon, and MoCCAFest. She is currently involved in various collaborative and personal comic projects involving magical ladies, food, and baseball. www.jadefenglee.com

Jared Catherine (Walrus, Squatch Bros., Incrediman Comix & Stories) - Jared is a cartoonist and creator of the self-published series, Incrediman Comix & Stories. His other works include Mean Face, The Expressionless, Squatch Bros with Shawn Atkins and the critically acclaimed Walrus series with Brian John Mitchell. Jared’s work has also appeared in such anthologies as Memory and Love & Monsters.

Jared is also a co-host on the Pittsburgh based podcasts, Comic Book Pitt with Dan Greenwald & Scott Hedlund , Figure It Out with Shawn Atkins and What the Talk with Giancarlo Algarin.

Jasmine P. (Cinema; Big Myth Playground; 100 Days Journal comic) - I draw comics and stuff. I draw both autobio and fiction stories. There are so many stories I want to tell and not enough time to tell them all. jasmine-pinales.com jpds14.tumblr.com meisterjdraws.tumblr.com

Jeff McClelland (The Tick; FUBAR; Imaginary Drugs; Magic Bullet; The Amazing Transforming Superhero; Journal of Venture Studies; Teddy and the Yeti; The Naked Man at the Edge of Time; Black Terror: Wednesday at the Diner) - If Jeff McClelland was frozen for thousands of years, perhaps in a horrible Freon accident, only to be thawed and later reintroduced into society (probably by then known as "space society"), here are some of the questions he might ask his new space overlords:

1) How many Super Bowls have the Steelers won since I was frozen?
2) Does Frankenberry still exist?
3) There's a pill to regrow hair, right?
4) Did anyone ever get around to reading the comics I wrote?

The answers to these questions would probably determine whether society had become a Star Trek-like utopia or a big space dump.

Jeff has written for such titles as "The Tick", the New York Times bestselling "FUBAR" series, IDW's "Imaginary Drugs", DC Conspiracy's "Magic Bullet" comic newspaper, "The Amazing Transforming Superhero" from McFarland Books, Adult Swim's "Journal of Venture Studies", and his self-published co-creations such as "Teddy and the Yeti", "The Naked Man at the Edge of Time" and "Black Terror: Wednesday at the Diner".

Jeff lives in Pittsburgh until the frozen thing happens.
http://teddyandtheyeti.blogspot.com www.franksandbeansonline.com

Jenn Lisa and Juan Fernandez (Dog City, Garrettsville) - Jenn Lisa’s only real goal is to spread good. Once from a small town in Ohio, she is now living and “working” (by chance) in a neighborhood in Pittsburgh called Fondness. Nobody really knows what she does there all day, incognito. One thing we do know: all comics work is done by Borislav Čaušević Lisa, her cat. jennlisa.tumblr.com

Juan Fernandez is a Pittsburgh based cartoonis. He does comic-making workshops for kids, teens and adults and edits Dog City, a small press comics magazine dedicated to publishing quality minicomics. He co-facilitates the Pittsburgh Comics Salon with Frank Santoro. Improvisation is at the heart of his cartooning practices. crinkledcomics.com

Jerel Dye - Jerel Dye is a cartoonist, illustrator and artist living and working in the Boston area. His work has appeared in children's book, various fiction magazines, self-published comics, and anthologies like Hellbound #4, Inbound #5, and Dream Another Dream. He is currently working on the graphic novel Pigs Might Fly, written by Nick Abadzis of Laika fame, to be published by First Second books in 2016. Much of his work stems from deep interest in science and technology, with a healthy dose of childlike wonder. jereldye.com

Jessi Zabarsky (Witchlight)Jessi Zabarsky is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Chicago. She makes comics about food, bunnies, and cute/cool girls. Her currently ongoing series, Witchlight, is an adventure shojo story about witches and feelings. hugbox.tumblr.com

Jessica HeberleJessica Heberle is an artist, illustrator, and designer living in Pittsburgh, PA. She runs the Artists Meetup (an ongoing workshop for a diverse collective of artists).

Through my work I explore the natural world and how it relates to our own internal experience. I’m interested in communicating the unseen and creating a visual representation of it through drawing, painting, and book making. The underlying themes of my work include personal introspection, intimacy, explorations of nature, fragility, and trauma. jessicaheberle.tumblr.com

Jimmy Riordan (Held Up, Le Roman du Lievre, Marginalia: Appendix G, Seagull Library) - Jimmy Riordan is an Alaskan born multidisciplinary artist and educator who recently moved to Pittsburgh. Technically trained in book-arts and printmaking, his practice extends beyond the bounds of any specific medium. Riordan's projects have involved earth building, letterpress, translation and comics. All united by his interest in autodidactics, the self-taught and group learning. Riordan just finished Held Up, his first graphic novel and will debut the book at PIX. amidparadise.com, riordanjimmy.com

John Peña (Daily Geology)John Peña is a multidisciplinary artist who grew up in the high desert of Washington State. A few of John's projects include: racing with clouds, sending a letter to the Pacific Ocean every day for the last eleven years and documenting his life through daily drawings. He currently lives and works in Pittsburgh. www.johnpena.net
JolynCrystalConnie (Vaguely Embarrassing, Colour Me Pretty)Jolyn Sandford is a student of Computer Science and Arts at Carnegie Mellon University, and really likes comic books. She is very serious about having fun. http://jmsandford.site44.com/
Crystal Yip is from Hong Kong. She enjoys long walks on the beach, pugs, and tempura. Also art. http://crystalyip.portfoliobox.me/
Connie is a human. Her interests include cloud watching, genre shows, and planning meals around saving room for dessert. And art. That too. http://ckdai.brace.io/

Joyana McDiarmid and Josh Lees (Maple Key Comics, Rigel and the Star Teens) - Joyana started editing Maple Key Comics after noticing a lack of serialized anthologies in the comics scene. She strives to put the best new cartoonists' work into reader's hands. www.maplekeycomics.com

Josh Lees grew up in New Mexico and got his MFA in Cartooning at CCS in Vermont. He moved to Pittsburgh to play pinball and draw comics.
www.josh-lees.com www.star-teens.com

JTW (Black Dayz, The Afrofuturist, Wild, XOXO, Suspect A) - JT Wilkins (JTW) has been creating mini comics since his pre-teens but started doing comics seriously in 2004, when he self-published his first comic zine Lunchbox. Since then, he was part of the Local DC Conspiracy comic scene in which his work can be seen in the Magic Bullet Comic Newspaper. He has labeled his technique in coloring and effects as "Hi-Octane".

JTW continues to provide work for various anthologies, small-press publishers, his own comic series 'Black Dayz', and other zine/comic publications. He is also an accomplished illustrator (specialized in acrylics) and works as a music producer/DJ in the soul jazz/hip-hop genre.

K. Sekelsky (The Time Traveler's Pocket Guide, Full Count) - K. Sekelsky an author, illustrator, and graphic designer living in Kent, Ohio. www.ksekelsky.com

K.S. Brenowitz (High Hopes, Blackout, Delivery (in progress)) Illustrator, cartoonist, and wearer of one seriously sweet hat, K.S. Brenowitz is known for both her strikingly complex linework and twisted sense of humor. She specializes in sci-fi, horror, and fantasy. www.ksbrenowitz.weebly.com

Little Tired Press (Andromeda Comics Anthology)Little Tired Press is a collaborative and community minded independent publisher that focuses on inspiring and promoting the talent that is discovered daily in Pittsburgh, PA and beyond. The flagship publication that drives the success of Little Tired is a monthly comics anthology called Andromeda that collects comic and comic related art from various artists throughout Pittsburgh and neighboring areas. In addition to sparking artistic expression, Little Tired also seeks to organize events and happenings that further promote the arts and culture in our community. littletiredshop.com

Lisa Imas & Erica Chan (Vampires Can't Surf)Lisa Imas is an illustrator, comic artist, and arcane draw wizard who likes puns and making fun of the 90s. When she isn't drawing, she likes to spend her time reading superhero comics and being indecisive.

Erica Chan is an illustrator from Brooklyn. When not drawing, she lets her friends get her hooked on third person shooters set in outer space. hashtag-art.tumblr.com, ericachan.net

Lizzee Solomon (Mutual Paradise)Lizzee Solomon is an artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. She first got interested in comics after discovering that there is more out there than just superhero comics. 'David Boring' by Daniel Clowes, 'Black Hole' by Charles Burns, and 'Frank' by Jim Woodring were early favorites. Since her early days, Lizzee has been doodling and drawing. This propelled her into career as an artist. In addition to making comics, Lizzee is a painter and multimedia sculptor. Her comics and illustrations have been featured in Andromeda Quarterly, The Kindlin' Quarterly, Soaked Moist, Memory, East End Brewing Co. Illustration Ale labels, and The City Paper. For the past few years, she has been self-publishing Mutual Paradise -"comics and cartoons that will glom onto [your] brains and start rewiring them, employing a well-honed scalpel of satire." Lizzee's comics are gross, absurd, explicit, funny, obsessive, and, at times, offensive. You have been warned... lizzeesolomon.com

M.L.Walker (Hero Corp., International; CHUTZ-POW! Superheroes of the Holocaust; COMIC-TANIUM!) -  Marcel Lamont (M.L.) Walker is a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He works as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, comic-book creator, and photographer.

As the creator, artist and writer of the independent comic-book HERO CORP., INTERNATIONAL, he has recast his friends and associates in a world of corporate American superheroes.

He is the lead artist and book designer for CHUTZ-POW! Superheroes of the Holocaust, an anthology comic-book produced by The Holocaust Center of Greater Pittsburgh which tells the true stories of Holocaust survivors. Similarly, Walker is the featured artist in COMIC-TANIUM! The Super Materials of the Superheroes, a nationally touring sciences-and-art exhibit sponsored by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, which juxtaposes real-life modern-day scientists with similarly themed mainstream superhero counterparts.

Walker continues to teach art workshops at Pittsburgh’s ToonSeum, The Museum of Cartoon Art, for whom he has also contributed artwork for their NORTH and OAKLAND anthology comic-books. www.MarcelWalker.com

Maggie Lynn Negrete (Adventuring Princesses) - Maggie Lynn Negrete creates comics and illustrations influenced by the late 19 and early 20th century illustrators. In graphic, black and white line art, Negrete renders work along the themes of feminism, adventure, friendship and a little bit of the occult. Her ongoing series, Adventuring Princesses has evolved into a new format as her characters begin their expedition. mgglntcreates.tumblr.com

Marlee Gallagher & Greg Sciulli (Hamnett House Histories: a series of sketches; Gregburgh prints)Marlee Gallagher is a writer and community advocate living in Wilkinsburg, PA, a small town just east of the City of Pittsburgh. She has four loves: her dogs, Oto and Woo, her cat, Leroy, and her neighborhood.

Greg Sciulli is a photographer and visual artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. His work consists of creating funny cartoon characters and taking funny photos of real characters. He has one love: '90s pop music.

Marlee and Greg's current project, Hamnett House Histories, combines sketches of historic homes and characters in their community.

In their words: "When we look at the historic houses in our community, we’re inspired by their intricacies. It’s hard not to create stories about the antebellum house with the widow’s peak that sits far back from the road or the weathered little shack where, though windowless, tattered drapes still hang.

Through Hamnett House Histories, we pair some of our favorite houses with fictional sketches of the characters that reside within them, whether in the past or present. Some houses have been long-abandoned, awaiting demolition; others are passed down through generations. Still others are part of our own personal narratives or simply places we wonder about as we pass them each day. All of them have histories." www.gregburgh.com

Maryanne Rose Papke (Ghost Castle, Tile, Aloo Kazoo)Maryanne Rose Papke graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009. She then moved to Columbus, OH, and has been self-publishing short comics since 2010. Her comics are usually weird, often silly, typically cute, and sometimes sad. Oh, and most of them have dragons, though not on purpose. silverkraken.com

Mathew New and Steven Krall (Billy Johnson and his Duck are Explorers (Mathew), The Twelve Wanderers (Steven)) - Mathew New mostly makes all-ages comics about adventures and ducks. mathewnew.tumblr.com

Steven Krall likes birds, symbols, crystals, and gay superheroes.

Nate McDonough (GRIXLY) - Nate is the creator of all-ages comics such as Experimental Explorations, Clever Renderings and Tedious Commentary Adventures. His collaborations include Whimsical White Boy Stuff, Alternative Melancholy #5 and Please Acknowledge Me! He has contributed art to Wantonly Obscure Tales, Solemn Stories and Unique Expressions.

He chugs India Ink all day long, sleeps in a septic tank and is known to blindly stumble through the night until he faceplates into a curb. He lives in Pittsburgh where he hoards thousands of (mostly dead) cats

Check out his webcomic about his job in Monsanto's legal department (updated weekly!) grixly.com

Nate Taylor (Nate Taylor Books)Nate Taylor is a Pittsburgh based illustrator who combines his passion for history, global cultures, nature, monsters and myth to tell jaw-dropping stories about unseen worlds. illustratornate.com

Nix Comics (Nix Comics Quarterly, Nix Western comics, Do You Remember Rock n ROll Record Stores, Nix Comics for Kids, Closing Doors, Pure Entertainment, Belligerent Kitties)Nix Comics is a Columbus, Ohio based comic book publisher that specializes in material that is garage rock and punk themed material. Nix Comics are equally inspired by punk rock compilation albums and zines as they are pre-code genres and styles like horror and western.

Ken Eppstein is the lead writer, editor and high sultan of sales for Nix Comics. nixcomics.com facebook.com/nixcomics twitter.com/nixcomics nix-comics.tumblr.com

Nathan Ward (Fun-O-Planet) - Nathan Ward (b.1992) is a cartoonist from Cleveland, OH. He has had comics published in Scene Magazine, Maximum Rock n' Roll, and Happiness Comix. His first full comic book, "Fun-O-Planet", came out in the fall of 2014. He is currently working on a couple other comics, one of which is a collaboration with alt-lit author/poet, Jordan Castro. When not doing comic things, Nathan plays in punk bands and hangs out with his dogs. nwardcomics.tumblr.com

Pat Kain (Magic Clock, Thumbs Up Club, Ambrosia Aberration) I'm an animator and comics artist from Columbus, Ohio. I've recently taken up wood carving in an effort to become less of a wimpy nerd. patkain.com

Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm, Nightmare the Rat, Harbinger, X-O Manowar, Archer and Armstrong, Imaginary Drugs, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream) - Rafer Roberts is the man behind the comic book PLASTIC FARM and the comic strip NIGHTMARE THE RAT. His art has been seen in LITTLE NEMO: DREAM ANOTHER DREAM and backing up a bunch of Valiant Comics. He drew DOPE FIENDS OF THE ZOMBIE CAFE and WILD WOMEN OF THE KITTY-KAT GALAXY with writer Sean Frost, and a few TIGER LAWYER shorts with Ryan Ferrier. He currently lives in western Maryland with his wife and muse and their hoard of cats. www.plasticfarm.com

Retrofit Comics (The Unmentionables, Piggy)Retrofit Comics was founded by Box Brown and publishes short alternative-comics, roughly one every month or two. We are revitalizing the floppy comic format as a publisher with a diverse set of artists who have a strong dedication to quality of work and to comics as a medium. In 2015 we will publish work by Matt Madden, Olivier Schrauwen, Yumi Sakugawa, Sophie Franz, Laura Lannes, Kate Leth, Andrew Lorenzi, Laura Knetzger, Maré Odomo, Box Brown, Steven Weissman, and an issue of the Future Shock anthology edited by Josh Burggraf. www.retrofitcomics.com

Scott Hedlund (Weirdlings, In No Way Memorable) - Scott Hedlund is a comic book maker from Pittsburgh, PA. Over the past 15 years, Scott has contributed pencils, inks, colors, covers, and letters to comic books and webcomics including: In No Way Memorable, Weirdlings, Fairhaven, Chaos Punks, WZWA, World of Orenda, Super Haters, and more.

Scott also co-hosts on the Comic Book Pitt podcast, Pittsburgh's premiere comic book podcast, along with Dan Greenwald and Jared Catherine. www.comicbookpitt.com

Seth Storck (Space Cadaver)Seth Storck is a designer by day and illustrator by night. He has spent most of his free time making art since graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2005. His friends got sick of him always talking about making a comic book so he finally made one. Seth lives and works in Pittsburgh,PA. www.sethstorck.com

Talcott Starr (Rescue Archaeology, Dinosaur Weather (upcoming))Talcott is a poet and cartoonist from central Ohio, who is obsessed with memory and dinosaurs. He will talk to you at length about dinosaurs if you give him a chance. Consider this both a warning and invitation. talcottstarr.com

Tara Helfer (Unicorn Mountain, The All-Creator's Wife, Apophenia)Tara Helfer is an illustrator, cartoonist and animator who grew up in the woods of western Pennsylvania. She should probably draw more "nice" things. She is currently co-developing a short with Nickelodeon. tarahelfer.com

Terese Jungle (The Frizzball From Outer Space, Logoz, Energy, Janice, Ninetales, and Human Gestation)By day a professional graphic designer and arts educator, by night a doodler, print maker, dreamer, imaginer, and storyteller, Terese Jungle (aka: t.jungle) has loved graphic novels for decades. She introduced her daughter Ana (aka: aj.dub) to the art form at age 2 by taking her to the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD along with her three self-published books, "Logoz," "Energy," and "Janice" to share with some of her favorite authors and artists. The books were sold independently and at Giant Robot in Los Angeles.

Nine years later, mother and daughter collaborated on their first mini zine, "The Frizzball From Outer Space" with “pillow critter” character that debuted at the Fall 2014 Mattress Factory Museum Art Market and is now available in local Pittsburgh stores, Divertido and The Shop in East Liberty.

Inspired by their work on The Frizzball, Ana then created her first zine, "Ninetales" about her experience as a Pokemon gamer—with plans to continue the title as a series.

Together they’ll be selling these works at PIX—including a recently found small supply of "Logoz," "Energy," and "Janice!"—as well as T-shirts, stickers, and other surprises.

Terese also has a new top secret, full-length graphic novel in the works so please email to join her mailing list for updates: tjungle@tjungle.com. You can also see The Frizzball merchandise in advance at frizzball.com. Or just check out all the other multimedia stuff she’s been doing over the years, from logo design to installation art at tjungle.com.

The Panoptic Press (Panoptic Presents) - The Panoptic Press began in 2013 as the crux of collaboration between Steven Arenius, Justin M. Knipper, and Bile. In addition to the array of comics and content available on our website, we also specialize in handmade, limited-run printed media and apparel. With its members based in Rochester, NY and Tokyo, Japan, The Panoptic Press is continuously expanding our vision of sequential storytelling and print while collecting the very best of our work in our flagship anthology series, Panoptic Presents. thepanopticpress.com

Shawn Atkins (Gello Apocalypse, Explorers of the Unknown, Squatch Bros)-  Maker of comics, doer of podcasts and master of the mystic dark arts. When not stalking prey for supper, he explores the 9th dimension with his muppet friend Ortho the Otter. You can follow the true exploits on Gello Apocalypse and his portfolio site

See you around space cowboy.

Tom Williams (Hide, Dark Horse Presents, Comic Book Tattoo, No Dead Time, S.P.B.) - Tom Williams is a freelancer & creator based out of Columbus, Ohio. Nominated for a 2014 Harvey Award (Best Story/Single Issue), Williams continues to work for other publishers as well as self-publish and paint. Past publishers include Fulcrum, Dark Horse Comics, Image, Oni Press & IDW. drawrobotdesigns.com

tymothi godek (!, December remembers November, Autological Comic for Jason Overby to Sing, ALLIZDOG, facsimile) - Wooster, Ohio has exactly zero comic book stores, but it has a Walmart, four McDonalds and tymothi godek. Tym makes weird comics for both web and print. He received a Xeric Foundation grant in 2009 his over 30-foot long continuous comic strip, !. His sometimes abstract, awfully elliptical journal comic and sketchblog, mostly banal, has run off and on in various forms since 2005. He's a Virgo, so you know what that means. Tym lives in Wooster with his wife and two children.

Valerie Starr (Folk, Octopus Story)Valerie is an artist, historian, and polymath from central Ohio. Valerie employs a playful use of color in her work, and her favorite medium to experiment with is studio markers. When she's not drawing, she is working on her master's thesis on political mythology in ancient China.

Valerie's work can be seen on her portfolio page at http://valeriestarr.net, or on the pages for her individual comic projects at http://octopacy.net and http://valeriestarr.net/folk. valeriestarr.net

Wayne Wise is a freelance writer/artist living in Pittsburgh. In the 90's he co-created the Xeric Award winning comic Grey Legacy, worked as an inker for Malibu Graphics, and began working at Phantom of the Attic Comics in Oakland (an Eisner Award nominated comics retailer). In 2002 his first novel, King of Summer, was published. In 2009 he self-published the first issue of Grey Legacy Tales, contributed to North and in 2013 to Oakland. In 2011 he joined the digital self-publishing revolution and released three novels. Scratch, This Creature Fair, Bedivere: The King's Right Hand and a new edition of King of Summer are all available as ebooks and paperback novels. He serves as the Resident Comics Scholar at the Pittsburgh Toonseum and teaches a 300-level academic course on “Comics and Popular Culture” as an adjunct professor at Chatham University. In 2014, in conjunction with the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh, he wrote the comic Chutz-POW!: Real Superheroes of the Holocaust, working with artists Christopher Moeller, Dave Wachter, Marcel Walker, and Mark Zingarelli. You can read more about him at his blog at www.wayne-wise.com, or read some of his comics specific musings at http://masksblog.wordpress.com/.

Wayward Studios (Jikoshia, Aspect, Skyborne, A Day in the Life of my Cats, Cranky Cthulhu) - Best known for their work on the ongoing webcomics Jikoshia and Skyborne, Wayward Studios is the cross-country comic making team of Emily R. Gillis and Crystal M Rollins. In addition, Emily also heads up the DC-based cartoonist collective Square City Comics.

Werdy Girl (Nervous Industry, Locket Zine, How to Draw Scary Things, Everytime Zine) - Auto-Bio Comics, Perzines, and other projects. www.werdygirl.com, www.nervousindustry.com

Wongface (Jordan Wong) - Jordan Wong is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer living in Pittsburgh area. He mainly does quirky, light-hearted illustrations that aim to make viewers burst with smiles or explode with laughter (or at the very least show an appreciative smirk). He depicts humorous interactions that play off of situational ironies and/or commentaries on the obvious. Rampant silliness with a clever twist is always a goal, and if a jet pack or a robot can be added in, then chances are it will be. wongface.com