80 Proof Comix (80 Proof comix presents Days of Bewilderment) - 80 Proof Comix has been around since the late 80's in various forms. In 2007 it began a true storyline (Days of Bewilderment) featuring past characters put in a new situation. Taking bits, pieces, fragments, and experiences from working in the DD/Mental Health group home setting, I've worked on creating a comedic realistic look at the staff that work at these homes and some of the situations they face (without getting on a soap-box). Currently working on Chapter 10(the last chapter in the saga),Chapters 1-9 are collected in affordable editions.

Alexander Neish (Brides of Balok) - Alexander is a tradigital artist who hand draws images, inks them, and colors and edits digitally. His primary areas of focus are in comics, graphic novels, and cartoons. He has recently published three of his own original works, and is excited to be promoting his new series, The Brides of Balok, which premiered on October 16th, 2016, at the Pittsburgh Zine Fair. He is currently working as a freelance artist and illustrator in Pittsburgh, PA. 

University of Pittsburgh, BA in Studio Arts and FIlm Sudies​
Florence, Italy - Capa Global Education in Art

Ben (100 Life Hacks) - Ben is a drawer from Philadelphia. He's created over 5 books and is ashamed of them all. He'll be giving away copies of 100 Life Hacks at Pix though you should probably make him pay you to take a copy. He co-created and animated a lil web series called EColi High. You can go to YouTube and check it out. Ok that's it. 
twitter - @kfctacobell

babe city (annesley) (Let's Go On an Adventure) - I'm a queer artist in pgh, i make soft hand-embroidered patches and cute zines. i like plants, animal crossing, comics, and overalls.

Braddock Hills High School Creative Writing Class - Braddock Hills High School is a Propel charter school in, you guessed it, Braddock Hills. The Creative Writing class at BHHS is hard at work on two comics anthologies, filled with original work developed in class. 

Brandon Berry (Supercar, Daucus Carota #1-3) - Brandon Berry received a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art in 2015 at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Most of this time he spent drawing and animating but always found time to create mini comics. 

His work is heavily influenced by science fiction and fantasy, addressing themes of transformation and identity.

Bryn Adams (The Crooked Cuyahoga) - Bryn is a writer, cartoonist, and printmaker based in Cleveland, Ohio. She has a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Chicago and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Center for Cartoon Studies, and currently works as a business editor. Her work has appeared in Seven Days, Cleveland Scene Magazine, and the Ohio City-Tremont Observer.

Caitlin Rose Boyle (JONESY) - Caitlin Rose Boyle is the artist on Boom! Box's JONESY! She co-created the 2014 Nickelodeon Short Toon Buck n' Lou & the Night Crew. These days you can find her glued to her drawing desk, surrounded by houseplants and empty coffee cups. She currently lives in Pittsburgh.  

Camden Yandel, Mont Tucker (Black Smile, Summer) - My name is Camden and I make comics. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and have been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil, but didn't start making comics until recently. Most of my work is an interpretation of the music I listen to, whether it's the song lyrics, title, or rhythm.

Hope that's good enough *crosses fingers*

Mont Tucker was born in Southwest Philly, moved to Pittsburgh now he makes comics. Except, he can't Draw worth a damn so he develops his talents as writer/editor. THERE.

City Slicker Press (Friendly Neighborhood Scumbag by Matt Spahr, City Slicker Magazine, This Shit is Going to Kill Me by Vamp, City Street Nostalgia by Danny Devine, etc.) - City Slicker Press is a Pittsburgh based publishing collective.  We focus on high quality books and prints from artists in the areas of comics and illustration, graffiti and railroad culture, and photography.


Colin Panetta (Welcome to Typhon, Logjam, Dead Man Holiday) - For the last two years of PIX bios Colin Panetta has been telling you that he is the son of Phyllis Diller and The Jersey Devil. This is only partially true; those are his parents' names but they are a different Phyllis Diller and Jersey Devil. It was a lie through omission and he is very sorry.

Craig Latchaw Jr. (Zombie Turtle Comics) - 
In a world where people could careless about autobiographical cartoonists, one Youngstown illustrator created an autobiographical graphic novel about himself! Tackling such themes as anxiety, depression, poverty, and IBS! Come check out Craig as he tries to pedal his books to a crowd who can't stop tweeting about politics! Also Craig illustrated for a comic called Zombie BBQ, a horror anthology a short gross comics about zombies, vampires and other creatures of the undead! And if you're not too busy on social media look up from your phone and say "hi!" Craig will appreciate it!

Colin Panetta (Welcome to Typhon, Logjam, Dead Man Holiday) - For the last two years of PIX bios Colin Panetta has been telling you that he is the son of Phyllis Diller and The Jersey Devil. This is only partially true; those are his parents' names but they are a different Phyllis Diller and Jersey Devil. It was a lie through omission and he is very sorry.

COWBOY HOUSE (Helper Bot, Storm Signal, Worry World) - COWBOY HOUSE is a Pittsburgh-based art collective made up of Fred Frances, Jeff Gibbons, and Mike Madsen. Each member of COWBOY HOUSE is both a writer and artist, and they work independently as often as they collaborate. Since 2010, COWBOY HOUSE has self-published over 50 minicomics and zines dealing with a wide range of subjects and themes. Mike Madsen is an artist whose work is known for its yearning metaphysical qualities as it is for his visceral, sometimes brutal line drawings. His recent books include Guts V and his ongoing allegory Storm Signal. Jeff Gibbons is a comic artist whose phenomenal skill as a draftsman and colorist is matched by his heartfelt writing, which addresses heavy themes in a way relatable even to children. His most notable work includes the ongoing all-ages science fiction adventure Helper Bot, and Pretty Jeff, a semi-autobiographical webcomic. Fred Frances is an artist, illustrator, and writer whose books, which include the recent Worry World Daypass and Primary Insomnia, are noted for their humor and formal/structural ambition.

Curls Studio (Carolyn Belefski and Joe Carabeo) (Black Magic Tales, The Legettes, French Fry Club) - The Curls Studio team of writer Joe Carabeo and illustrator Carolyn Belefski are on a quest to give comic book readers a lethal injection of their own brand of entertainment. Armed with a galaxy of original troublemaking characters in the futuristic sci-fi burlesque space opera in The Legettes; the small town mystery, French Fry Club; or the book that started it all with adventures of the World's Most Famous Criminals, Roxy and Dean, in Black Magic Tales -- Carolyn and Joe are here to make comics fun again! In addition to her activities with Curls Studio, Carolyn has also worked with Adventure Time, Clorox, The White House, US National Archives, and more on comics projects. In addition to Joe's writing duties with Curls Studio, he also works as a filmmaker and photographer with clients such as The Beach Boys, Under Armour, DC Lottery, DivaFit, and more! Carolyn currently serves as the Washington, DC chapter chair of National Cartoonists Society.

Cynthia Lee (The Green Stripe, Love and Monsters Anthology, Overgrowth and Underbrush, Memoirs of the Mysterious) - Cynthia Lee writes and draws stories about empathy, communication, and monsters. She was the editor of the Love and Monsters music and comic anthology, a 2016 S.P.A.C.E. finalist for best graphic novel.

She is constantly worried about whether or not people have enough to eat, so if you're hungry, she will probably have snacks on her person.

Daniel Wyke (Some Things Don't Work Out, Antiques) - Daniel Wyke is a cartoonist/illustrator living in Pittsburgh, PA.  He loves comics. His current project is a series called SOME THINGS DON'T WORK OUT, a collaborative anthology comic where he turns stories written by his friends into comics. In his spare time likes to go for long walks, eat tacos, and listen to Prince.

The Development Committee  - The Development Committee is committed to the process of developing or being developed, handling development in all tenses and meanings. The Development Committee conducts a specific state of growth and advancement while utilizing refined products to constitute new stages in a changing situation that convert ideas into resources by opening phases that manage the process of experiencing aliments and treating chemicals to making physical images.

Eric M. C. Gonzalez (REACH) - Eric M. C. Gonzalez is the creator of REACH, a story of music, madness, people, and technology. The comic book, accompanied by electronica songs and electric cello, center around topics of technological dilemma and human struggles in a  science-fiction setting. Eric is a sound designer, music performer, and composer of music for film, theater, the concert hall, and beyond. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Eric’s solo act is Agleam and he performs in bands Forager and GypsyWolf and writes and develops devised theatrical works with Theater Ninjas.

Elliott Junkyard (The Adventures of Vampire Kitty & Space Bat) - Elliott is an artist of many media, currently focusing on comics, embroidery, and zine making. He currently lives in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has been making comics and zines since 2010. His other interests include tending his herb garden, listening to audio drama podcasts, and extreme tea snobbery. You can follow his art adventures on twitter and instagram @elliottjunkyard.

H.O.T. Press Comics (Heel on the Shovel: Book 1 & Bee-Man) - H.O.T. Press Comics is a Philadelphia based writer-drawer comic team. Michael Kamison and Steven Arnold combine their love of punk history, noir films, body horror and philosophy into their tragicomic work. In 2016 they released "Heel on the Shovel: Book 1" and "Bee-Man #1: The Death of Bee-Man" and are currently working on their 2017 releases "Heel on the Shovel: Book 2" and "Swamp Parade" - a collection of short comics and prose.

Howard Bender (Artist - Superman; Spider-Man; The Legion of Super-Heroes; Dial “H’” for Hero; Silverhawks; Flare; Ghostbusters; Micronauts; Casper; Richie Rich) - Howard Bender, a professional comic book illustrator and caricaturist. Has worked for Marvel, DC, Disney, Harvey, Archie and Heroic drawing characters and titles that include Superman, Spider-Man, The Legion of Super-Heroes, Dial “H’” for Hero, Silverhawks, Flare, Ghostbusters, Micronauts, Casper, Richie Rich and many others. Co-created and drew his own original characters and titles Mr. Fixitt, and “The Sherlock Holmes Minute Mysteries” and his own strip Billy & Pop. Plus, for the past thirty some years has been busy turning ordinary people into their own super-heroes doing caricature parties and caricature and portrait commissions for all kind of events and individuals and of course Comic Book Shows & Conventions.

IBG Comics (Sightings) - "IBG Comics is the collaboration of two clowns (Emma Glaze and Dani Grew) slapping their laptops from across the country to make a cute All-Ages webcomic called SIGHTINGS, about a teenage Bigfoot enthusiast who finds a strange creature in the woods who seems like it's on an important mission (so of course he takes it home). The first printing of the second chapter will debut at PIX!

Dani Grew is a Pittsburgh based adult Bigfoot enthusiast who draws comics, monsters and cute girls. She owns too many skeletons.

Emma Glaze is a Philly born illustrator and comic colorist who's currently Vegas based and has a dedicated Egg Blog.

Incubator Comics Company (Hell With the Lid Off (2016), Mr. Lee's Fruity Bing (2016), Heil Silver (2016)) - Local storytellers Isaac Fisher and Alex K.A. have teamed up to co-publish and share their stories to their audiences in Pittsburgh and around the world.

We are a grassroots company dedicated to hatching the next generation of inspirational stories and jumpstarting the careers of their creators. We produce all forms of media, though these days we focus on character driven comics, cartoon strips, and fiction and translating foreign comics to English.

At PIX 2017 we plan to feature our new titles for 2017:

Alex K.A's Cryptic Folktale: The Windmaker's Daughter
Isaac Fisher's Raunchy Comedy: Cock and Block Comics

We will also be selling our classic titles from 2016.

All of our incubating projects are available to read for free online at incubatorcomics.squarespace.com

Jared Catherine (Incrediman Comix, Walrus) - Jared Catherine is a cartoonist and baseball aficionado who resides in Greensburg, PA. When he’s not at his day job or at a Pittsburgh Pirates game he’s at his drawing board making his own comic series; Incrediman Comix. He’s made some other mini-comics too; Mean Face, The Expressionless, Squatch Bros with Shawn Atkins and the critically acclaimed Walrus series with Brian John Mitchell. Jared’s stuff has appeared here & there since 1996, starting with a series of Incrediman strips for his high school newspaper and a “controversial” series of editorial cartoons for Penn State Universities’ Daily Collegian. He has also contributed to a few Pittsburgh based comic anthologies, including Memory & Love & Monsters.

Jayla Patton (sick 1-3, flight, fungus queen) - Jayla Patton is an animation major turned teaching artist who works on comics in her free time.
She began drawing comics two years ago due to the amazing support of some local indie comic artists and hasn't regretted it since.
She's currently working on Sick, a comic about a young woman who has a magical awakening.
She likes dogs, super long socks,gross things, bad jokes and sleeping.


Jessica Earhart (Khloris, Land|Scape, Blue Sky at Night, migration, ISM) - Jessica Earhart is a visual artist based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Collage has been her primary medium for over a decade, where she finds satisfaction in its impulsivity and limitations, and as an expressive way to problem solve.

Her work has consisted of both stand alone pieces and series, as well as zines and recently comics.

Her current project is Khloris, a collage comic fantasy series, loosely based on mythological characters, who use their powers and so much sass to smash the patriarchy.

Another recent project is Land|Scape, a zine that explores the environmental crisis through a series of landscape collages juxtaposed with haikus.

She not only identifies as an artist but also as a feminist and existentialist which sets the tone of her works. When she's doesn't have an x-acto knife in her hand, she can be found listening to 90s jams and baking up a storm.

Her work can be found at themedialuna.com

John G (The Lake Erie Monster) - JOHN G is an illustrator, comics creator and head of Cleveland based Shiner Comics, Inc. With Jake Kelly, he creates and publishes The Lake Erie Monster, a rust-belt centered, horror anthology comic. He co-founded and continues to run Genghis Con, an award-winning annual small press and underground comics convention in Cleveland. In 2015 TurnStyle Films debuted Draw Hard, a short documentary about John G and his work, which has since been selected for the 2016 Cleveland International Film Festival and took home the Jury Award for Best Ohio Short Film.

JT Wilkins (black dayz, afrofuturist, wild, xoxo, Carte Blanche) - JT Wilkins (JTW) has been creating mini comics since his pre-teens but started doing comics seriously in 2004, when he self-published his first comic zine Lunchbox. Since then, he was part of the Local DC Conspiracy comic scene in which his work can be seen in the Magic Bullet Comic Newspaper. He has labeled his technique in coloring and effects as "Hi-Octane".

Kelci Crawford (Validation, Johnson & Sir, Charlie & Clow, Charlie & Clow: The Bonus Arc, The Case of the Wendigo, Thoughtful Dinosaur) - Kelci Crawford is a comic artist and illustrator based in Ohio. Her works include the online comics Validation (co-created with Christian Beranek), Johnson & Sir, Charlie & Clow, Seeing Him (co-created with Kia Crawford), The Case of the Wendigo, and the book Thoughtful Dinosaur. She also makes lots of minicomics and zines, and runs the short-form podcast Extra ClothesPins.

Kurt Ankeny (In Pieces: Someplace Which I Call Home, Dark Desert Dawn, The Santoro School Guide to Making Better Comics, A Bomb, Saltwater Snow, Gulls) - Kurt Ankeny is an award-winning cartoonist and painter whose work has appeared at the Society of Illustrators, at the Cape Ann Museum, and in Comics Workbook. He lives with his wife and son in Salem, Massachusetts.

Kyle J. Osborne (Shquirat) - Kyle J. Osborne has spent the last year and a half obsessively writing short stories for his quarterly comic, Shquirat, which he creates with Shep Dogwood, Marcus Pavilonis, and many guest artists.

Laughing Redhead Studio (Haint Blue, Ballet Ghost, Dirty Diamonds, Magic Bullet) - Laughing Redhead Studio is Teresa Roberts Logan. A Reuben-nominated cartoonist, Teresa has been doodling designs, and writing and drawing comics since she was a kid in Memphis, and did her first “Snobby Models” comic book.
Taking the funny from page to stage and back again, her comics have been featured in The Center for Cartoon Studies’ nationally distributed “Cartoon Crier,” and her comics “Purty Funny” and “Noodlehead” chosen to be in Dirty Diamonds All-Girl Comics Anthologies most recent iterations. Her comics have also appeared in DC's Magic Bullet newspaper for 5 years running. Her big works on canvas are in the collections of Kyoko Ono Cox and Whoopi Goldberg.

Andrews McMeel Publishing (Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side) is her large distribution publisher, and she is on her third book with them, a coloring book full of Mandalas, following her first hit coloring book, “Posh Coloring Book: Paisleys for Fun & Relaxation,” and her book of cartoons, “The Older I Get, The Less I Care.”

A regular exhibitor at New York ComicCon, CreativeCon, AwesomeCon, and SPX, she sells her comics to pay for wine and art supplies.

She art directed a zombie movie in college, and loves zombies to this day.

Laura Salgarolo (The Fisher Queen; This Tale is a Lie) - Laura Salgarolo is a creator and collector of stories, pictures, words, and the in-between things. Her work explores fairytales and fantasy, with an interest in their history, transformations, and subversions, as well as the conversation between words and images. Through her illustrations, books, prints, and sculptures, Laura asks questions through narrative. 

Lepus Studios (Draconis Wicked) - Marjorie Rishel is the artist behind Lepus Studios. She is the author of Draconis Wicked (an online graphic novel), and Urban Underbrush (a webcomic that was recently concluded). Marjorie is one of the co-authors of the video game parody show, Super Smash Opera. She serves as the show's graphic artist and maker of small puppets. When she's not making art, Marjorie teaches art and technology in local schools and workshops.

Lizzee Solomon (Mutual Paradise) - Lizzee Solomon is an artist and illustrator based in Pittsburgh. She is not one for writing artist bios, but she enjoys drawing gross, juicy things. In the words of Bill Boichel of Copacetic Comics, "[Lizzee Solomon] is an artist who casts her mind’s eye in a very particular direction – and it should be stated at the outset that this is a direction that not all readers will want to themselves pursue – but those who are ready, willing and able to get a handle on the psychological states that are externalized onto finely wrought fleshiness and projected onto surreally distorted surroundings will find themselves both intrigued and informed."

Maggie Negrete (Adventuring Princesses) - Maggie Lynn Negrete is a teaching artist based in Pittsburgh, PA working in illustration, printmaking and installation art. Her ongoing fantasy comic, Adventuring Princesses, is Negrete's exploration of the comic form with her growth in technique paralleling her princesses' growth throughout their adventures to save the realm. Negrete explores identity, femininity, and the occult across artistic projects that appeal to an all ages market.

Marky Starr - Marky Starr is a collaborator and friend of cartoonist, Mack White. He is also a collaborator and friend of Italian cartoonist, Detrocboi (Future Shocks fame).  Marky Starr is the hope of the entire universe. He is the answer to all living beings who cry out in peace. He is the light and the the truth. Marky Starr is an ally to good and a NIGHTMARE to you! 

Max Winters (18-24, Quixotic, Gigawatt Arena Rock) - Max is an architect, a Pittsburgher, and a newly-minted comics creator. His work to-date consists of comics short stories: non-genre, magical realism, and science fiction. At PIX 2017, he is premiering an anthology of short non-genre stories in collaboration with writer Colby Smith, a Brooklyn-based comedian and long time friend.

Mathew New (Billy Johnson and his Duck are Explorers) - Mathew New is a cartoonist, illustrator, and dishwasher living right here in Pittsburgh, PA. He has an MFA in putting drawings inside boxes from the Center for Cartoon Studies and mostly draws adventure comics about a duck.

Michael Pisano (Tomb, Seven Voyages, Orcus) - Michael is an animator and illustrator in Pittsburgh. His art is mostly drawings of bugs and/or fungus. At PIX he'll be schilling zines, artsy books, patches, prints, tees, and chatchkes. See it all come together @hauntedmeat on instagram.

Nate McDonough (I Saw Him, Naptime, Grixly) - Nate McDonough lives in Pittsburgh with his two cats, girlfriend, fiance, wife, mistress, boyfriend, husband, iguana and his 77 children.

National Cartoonists Society Pittsburgh Chapter - The National Cartoonists Society is the world's largest and organization of professional cartoonists. It was formed in 1946.

Today, the NCS membership roster includes over 500 of the world's major cartoonists, working in many branches of the profession, including newspaper comic strips and panels, comic books, editorial cartoons, animation, gag cartoons, greeting cards, advertising, magazine and book illustration and more.

Membership is limited to established professional cartoonists, with a few exceptions of outstanding persons in affiliated fields. The NCS is not a guild or union, although we have joined forces from time to time to fight for member's rights, and we regularly use our talents to help worthwhile causes.

The Pittsburgh Chapter was formed in mid 2014.

Paul Jamaul (Brazillian ninjitsu, Zombie killaz) - Paul Jamaul is a comic book and sketch card artist. some of his books include Brazillian Ninjitsu and Zombie Killaz. 


Peregrine Angthius (Cuentitos: A Collection of Shorts, Thank You For Nothing, XXX: A Collection of Nudes, Sketchbooks 1&2, more TBA) - Peregrine was born near the end of the eighties to a pair of weirdos who decided to move to the woods; she is the eldest of three witches. She currently resides in Chicago with her animal friends. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with an illustration focus from Kendall College of Art and Design in 2011.

www.peregrineangthius.com, Instagram@peregrine_angthius

Radio Chio (Messenger, Follower) - Radio Chio is the name for the collaborative works of artist Bugbyte and writer Delade, a husband and wife team of creative individuals based in Buffalo, New York. After realizing their individual talents for writing and illustration, they decided to collaborate to create Follower, a pre-apocalyptic webcomic about a military science experiment in a future gone wrong. They also work together on Messenger, a post-apocalyptic story taking place in the same universe.

Their comics can be read for free online, and are also available for download from Comixology, and Gumroad. Bugbyte's work has also been included in several zines and anthologies, such as Blank Party!, Stardust & Candy, and Gamera vs Zine-ra.

Reilly Hadden (ASTRAL BIRTH CANAL) - Reilly Hadden is a co-founder of BLANK PARTY and the creator of the ongoing cosmic adventure, ASTRAL BIRTH CANAL. This project has taken the form of a quarterly anthology, a webcomic, and 8 extra mini-comics per year, all funded through patreon. He lives in Brooklyn as a stay-at-home dad.

Sal Sciandra (The Casebook of Elijah Snugs) - Sal Sciandra is an American comics writer & artist based in Buffalo, NY. He is the creator of “The Casebook of Elijah Snugs”, an ongoing mystery comic book series and his work has been reviewed by Broken Pencil and Optical Sloth. He has participated in the Small Press Expo, Maine Comics Art Festival, Buffalo Small Press Book Fair, and many other events.

His influences include Gabrielle Bell, Richard Scarry, John Byrne, Daniel Clowes, Edward Gorey, and Joe Mathieu.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Buffalo State College and supports the San Diego Padres.


Sarah Becan (The Complete Ouija Interviews; Shuteye; The Adventures of Fat Rice; I Think You're Sauceome) - Sarah Becan is a comics artist, author, illustrator and designer based in Chicago, and the creator of “I Think You’re Sauceome”, a food-centric autobiographical webcomic. She was awarded a Xeric Award and a Stumptown Trophy for Outstanding Debut for her first graphic novel, The Complete Ouija Interviews, and her work has twice been nominated for the Ignatz Award.

Becan’s second graphic novel, Shuteye, was funded with a successful Kickstarter campaign and released in early 2012. In 2014, she wrote and illustrated Luna de Cuernos, a long form graphic story for Fifth House Ensemble’s spring 2014 concert series, and most recently illustrated the comic book cookbook "The Adventures of Fat Rice".


Shay Park (Hussy) - Shay Park writes and draws about her experiences with her sexuality, body, childhood, and self-image. Through biographical artwork, she is able to laugh at, cry because of, process, and ultimately learn from her past mistakes, heartbreaks, trauma, and growing pains.
Simon Reinhardt (Mystery Town, Dog City, How We Ride, At the DJ Screw Museum) - Simon Reinhardt is a cartoonist and printmaker based in Philadelphia. He is the proprietor of Mystery Town and an editor of Dog City.

Sophie Goldstein ("House of Women", "The Oven", "Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell") - Sophie Goldstein is Pittsburgh resident. Her first book, ""Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell"", co-written with Jenn Jordan, was self-published in 2013 with funding from Kickstarter. Her second book, ""The Oven"", was released by AdHouse Books in 2015 and has garnered two Ignatz Awards. Her new book, ""House of Women"", will be released Winter 2017.

Carl Antonowicz ("The Pestle", "Until The Blood Runs Black" "Turmring") - Carl Antonowicz's work combines painstaking historical and medical research with emotional storytelling and a generous dose of the macabre. He's exhibited at shows all across the east coast and is largely well-liked. You can see his work online at cantocomics.tumblr.com and cantocomics.wordpress.com.

Sophia Wiedeman (The Deformitory, The Lettuce Girl, Born Not Raised, SemiSolid, Over Ripe) - Sophia Wiedeman is a comic book artist and educator living in Morgantown, WV. In 2008 Sophia was a recipient of a Xeric Foundation Grant for her graphic novella, The Deformitory. She is also the author of The Lettuce Girl and SemiSolid. Her collection of comics Born, Not Raised was selected to be included in The Society of Illustrators Cartoon and Comics Art Annual 2016. Her most recent collection of comics is Over Ripe. You can find more at sophiadraws.com
Steve Stelling (Of Course Off Couse, Up a Storm, A Lip to Rest On) - Steve Stelling lives in Pittsburgh. His comics are light on narrative and heavy on poetry. He spent a number of years exhibiting abstract paintings, reading, and goofing around with rock and roll music. Those interests have probably left a residue on the booklets he makes.

Suburban Hellscape - Suburban Hellscape is an international conglomerate of artists working on a comic book publication. Mature comix for immature people!

tymothi godek (!, December remembers November, Autological Comic for Jason Overby to Sing, ALLIZDOG, facsimile) - Tym makes weird comics. He received a Xeric Foundation grant in 2009 for his over 30-foot long continuous comic strip, !. His sometimes abstract, awfully elliptical journal comic and sketchblog, mostly banal (mostlybanal.tumblr.com/), has run off and on in various forms since 2005.

Terese Jungle (Chicken: A Comic Cat Memoir; The Frizzball from Outer Space plus zines, stickers, Ts) - Terese Jungle is an artist, author, illustrator, and art educator who spent most of 2016 promoting her graphic novel Chicken: A Comic Cat Memoir. With the generous support of indie bookstores like Chicago’s famed Women & Children First and comic/zine shop, Quimby’s, as well as Pittsburgh’s own Copacetic Comics, Toonseum, Amazing Books, and The Mattress Factory, she expanded distribution as well. Online, it’s now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and, as an e-book, on Comixology, Kindle, and iBooks. The e-book won double Gold in the 2016 Global E-book Awards for Best Children’s Nonfiction and Best Pet Nonfiction and has earned some smile-making reviews.

She’s presently working on new secret zines for PIX 2017 and possibly the sequel to Chicken. As usual, her daughter Ana will tandem table with her own zines, postcards, and homemade stickers. And the two will closeout their collaborative project, The Frizzball from Outer Space, with free booklets, the last of their T-shirts, and only a few dozen Frizzball pillow critters left!

Theora Kvitka (It's Still Happening) - Theora Kvitka has self-published three mini-comics about bad dates and strange naps and a 4-part zine series about her hometown of Phoenix, AZ. In February 2016, she began a weekly webcomic called Urbanity Planet, about human millennials who move to another planet in search of cheap rent. One of her cartoons was featured in The Guardian’s “10 of the best gentrification cartoons”, and her bad dates/ coming of age comics were profiled in Issue 6 of Driftless Magazine. Theora moved to Pittsburgh from Chicago in August of 2016.

Travis Horseman (Amiculus: A Secret History) - Travis was born in Springfield, Ohio, and discovered comic books at the age of six. Since then, the course of his life has been shaped by his love of comics, theater and classical history. In addition to being a writer, he has been an actor, a director, a produced playwright, and occasionally, all three at once. 

After writing the first draft of Amiculus: A Secret History as a ten-page play in college, he began adapting it as a comic in 2007, intending it to be a short 32-page project to test the waters for a longer series. Nine years and nearly 200 pages later, it has become an epic unto itself.

Volume I of the series, "Roma Aeterna", debuted in January 2015 and has been hailed by critics as “a yarn of intrigue, betrayal and violence that is quite gripping” (Games Fiends), and compared to Game of Thrones in its tone and execution (Project-Nerd). Volume II of the series, "Flagellum Dei", was released in April, 2016. The third and final volume, "Damnatio Historiae", will be released in the spring/summer of 2017

Vagabond Comics - Vagabond Comics is a semi-quarterly, independently published comics anthology dedicated to providing a storytelling platform for a diverse collection of voices.


Vince Dorse (Untold Tales of Bigfoot) - Vince Dorse is an illustrator, cartoonist, and the creator of the award-winning comic, Untold Tales of Bigfoot. He lives and works in Pennsylvania.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot:

Story: Scout’s a carefree dog from the suburbs whose terrible hunting and tracking skills are no help whatsoever when he gets lost in the woods on a family camping trip. Alone, hungry, and far from home, Scout has to find his way back. But lurking in the forest is a mysterious beast known as Bigfoot, and he has other plans.

He may be terrifying, but Bigfoot’s also lonesome. Making friends is difficult when you’re an eight-foot monster, so he’d like Scout to stick around. The mismatched pair may be working at cross-purposes, but they team up to survive trigger-happy poachers, deadly terrain, and ferocious wildlife. And they may even solve a decades-old mystery before their journey comes to an end.

Nominated to Short List for Best Webcomic of 2012, Slate Book Review & The Center for Cartoon Studies

Reuben Winner, Best Online Comic (Long-Form) 2012,  National Cartoonists Society

Nominated, Best Online Comic (Long-Form) 2014,  National Cartoonists Society