Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jeff McClelland to Exhibit at PIX 2015

Jeff McClelland (The Tick; FUBAR; Imaginary Drugs; Magic Bullet; The Amazing Transforming Superhero; Journal of Venture Studies; Teddy and the Yeti; The Naked Man at the Edge of Time; Black Terror: Wednesday at the Diner) - If Jeff McClelland was frozen for thousands of years, perhaps in a horrible Freon accident, only to be thawed and later reintroduced into society (probably by then known as "space society"), here are some of the questions he might ask his new space overlords:

1) How many Super Bowls have the Steelers won since I was frozen?
2) Does Frankenberry still exist?
3) There's a pill to regrow hair, right?
4) Did anyone ever get around to reading the comics I wrote?

The answers to these questions would probably determine whether society had become a Star Trek-like utopia or a big space dump.

Jeff has written for such titles as "The Tick", the New York Times bestselling "FUBAR" series, IDW's "Imaginary Drugs", DC Conspiracy's "Magic Bullet" comic newspaper, "The Amazing Transforming Superhero" from McFarland Books, Adult Swim's "Journal of Venture Studies", and his self-published co-creations such as "Teddy and the Yeti", "The Naked Man at the Edge of Time" and "Black Terror: Wednesday at the Diner".

Jeff lives in Pittsburgh until the frozen thing happens.