Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Jared Catherine to Exhibit at PIX 2017

Jared Catherine (Incrediman Comix, Walrus) – Jared Catherine is a cartoonist and baseball aficionado who resides in Greensburg, PA. When he’s not at his day job or at a Pittsburgh Pirates game he’s at his drawing board making his own comic series; Incrediman Comix. He’s made some other mini-comics too; Mean FaceThe Expressionless, Squatch Bros with Shawn Atkins and the critically acclaimed Walrus series with Brian John Mitchell. Jared’s stuff has appeared here & there since 1996, starting with a series of Incrediman strips for his high school newspaper and a “controversial” series of editorial cartoons for Penn State Universities’ Daily Collegian. He has also contributed to a few Pittsburgh based comic anthologies, including Memory & Love & Monsters.