Friday, December 16, 2016

PIX 2017 Special Guest Announcement: Lale Westvind

PIX is pleased to announce our first confirmed guest at PIX 2017 – Lale Westvind!  Lale is a beacon of self-publishing and a veteran of small press comics.  She has self published many small batch comics, among them Titus and the Cyber Sun, Hot Dog BeachNow and Here, Double Head Tour, and the just released Yazar and Arkadas.  Her stunning multicolor risograph, Hax, published by Breakdown Press in the UK, was one of the standout releases of 2016.   Her work has also appeared in numerous anthologies, most notably the latest Kramers Ergot (#9).  Her comics embody a deeply empathic exploration of the pictographic language of heroic fantasy and science fiction – one that is intent on discovering latent creative potentialities residing therein and then employing these to bring about a more perfect union between bodies and souls.   Be sure to make time to peruse her Tumblr – it's a WoW!

spread from HAX